Rachel Dolezal Responds: ‘I Don’t Give Two S**ts What You Guys Think’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Spokane NAACP head Rachel Dolezal responded to Twitter firestorm after it emerged the self-described black woman had no African ancestry, telling a Sky News interviewer that she didn’t give “two shits” what people think.

“What would you say to those who questioning your ethnicity?” asked the interviewer.

“What I’d say to them is, you know, ‘I don’t give two shits what you guys think,’ you know? You are so far done and out of my life,” she said. (RELATED: Why CAN’T Rachel Dolezal Be Black?)

Dolezal added that she identifies as black, and that she didn’t feel the need to explain herself to “a community that I quite frankly don’t think really understands the definitions of race and ethnicity.”

Dolezal’s comments are very problematic, considering the fact that the term “you guys” has been determined to be sexist.


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