French Travelers Warned About American Sensitivity

Philip DeVoe | Contributor

In a recent travel advisory, French authorities warned French travelers to the U.S. against jokes toward the opposite sex, who are too sensitive to “comments, attitudes or jokes” that are “trivial” in other countries.

The advisory also warns against the recent Tropical Storm Bill, visiting cities like Detroit or Chicago, and children using bathrooms that do not correspond to their gender, because “sexual harassment charges can be filed against minors.”

Although the advisories for U.S. travel are extensive, the United States does not have any advisories against visiting France, according to the State department, Bloomberg reports.

Few other European countries have warnings about traveling to the U.S. England, Germany, and Spain foreign ministries only include countries where threats to tourists could be fatal. The French warning reflects more of a cultural issue, except when they recommend to avoid whole cities.

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