Hillary Clinton Praises Pope On Climate Change, Contradicts Him On Abortion

Derek Hunter Contributor
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In less than a three-hour period, the official Twitter account of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton praised Pope Francis and directly contradicted his encyclical on climate change.

Pope Francis, who released the encyclical calling for “a bold cultural revolution” to combat climate change on Thursday, was, in the very same document, unambiguous in his opposition to abortion.

Candidate Clinton praised the Pope’s declarations on climate change:

But three hours earlier also praised a pro-abortion decision in the state of Iowa:

According to her Twitter biography, “Tweets from Hillary signed –H.” As both tweets are, both tweets were authored by her.

Clinton is not a Catholic, she’s a Methodist, but the juxtaposition of the two tweets coming one after the other was an irony not lost on everyone.