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CNN Issues Apology To Supreme Court After Stunt Goes Haywire

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

CNN has issued a profuse apology to the Supreme Court after an intern with a Go-Pro camera strapped to his chest snuck footage that goes against the rules. Keeping a camera running inside the court’s public information office is strictly prohibited.

The intern was supposed to be a “runner” between news of the court and a CNN reporter in Supreme Court Plaza. The intern — fantastically named Walbert Castillo — was instructed to wear the camera for a “Being Moody,” a series hosted by CNN’s Chris Moody.

Politico‘s Dylan Byers broke the story Monday. His report says the Supreme Court briefly removed all interns from its press room on Monday after the accidental video assault on the court.

A CNN statement of apology said that the intern “misunderstood the rules about recording inside the Supreme Court’s Public Information Office and acted inappropriately. We’ve taken the necessary action to remedy this situation. We profusely apologize to the Court.”

While Byers’ story said that the incident involving Walbert was “in fact” an accident, CNN covered its bases and convened a large powwow of staff that included Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist as well as the network’s legal team.