Patriotic Bikers Squash Brooklyn Flag-Burning Protest

Sam Peterson Contributor
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A protest group called Disarm NYPD had plans to burn the American flag Wednesday in Brooklyn at Fort Green Park, but counter-protestors had other ideas.

Disarm NYPD’s stated mission is self-explanatory: “the immediate disarming of the NYPD.”

The protest group had been advertising the flag burning extensively through social media.

“Please join us on July 1st, at 7:30PM, at the intersection of Myrtle and Washington Park, to demonstrate for the Charleston nine and all of those killed by racist violence in America,” the group wrote. “We will set fire to this symbol of oppression — the American flags — and march to honor our brothers and sisters who have fallen in the long struggle for freedom. Rise up!”

However, upon arrival at the park, Disarm NYPD was met by hoards of patriotic bikers and veterans. One of the counter-protestors told TheBlaze, “We’re here to f*** up tiny liberal punks.”

The Daily Beast reports that Disarm NYPD burned flags the night before in secret, perhaps due to the amount of backlash they were receiving ahead of the event on social media.

“It was a disappointment,” a supporter of the flag-burning told the Beast. “It was a rally of reactionaries supporting the flag. This is essentially a rally of cops and Marines.”

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