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Gay-Marriage Victor Screams At Guy In Wheelchair, Gets Bumped From Flight

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If you confront a state governor in an airport, scream at him, and then say, “I’ll see you on the plane,” what do you suppose will happen to you?

This is what will happen: The Republican right-wing fascist will… get you bumped to a later flight.

Here’s today’s outrage among our friends on the left. It’s not enough that they got what they wanted. They should be able to do and say anything they want to anybody who still disagrees with them. Jonathan Tilove, Dallas Morning News:

As he was waiting with family and staff to board a flight back to Austin on Tuesday night after two days promoting Texas in New York City, Gov. Greg Abbott was approached by another passenger who shook his hand and then loudly and profanely expressed his unhappiness with the governor’s opposition to gay marriage.

“I hope you [expletive] go to hell because of your stance on gay marriage,” the man told the governor, using an epithet for emphasis, according to Abbott communications director Matt Hirsch, who was with the governor.

The man, identified only as a 32-year-old male by Port Authority police, was asked to step back by Texas state troopers traveling with the governor. As he walked away, Hirsch said the man, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, directed a parting shot at the governor: “I’m going to see you on the plane.”

He did not, in fact, see the governor on the plane. Abbott’s flight left as scheduled, and this jerk’s flight was bumped until the next morning.

Now, it’s fine to disagree with Greg Abbott about gay marriage, or about anything else. It’s fine to express your agreement. But if you start yelling at him — “loud enough to be apparent to the crowd of passengers,” according to the Morning News — and then you make it clear that you’re going to cause further disruption on his flight, why should the governor, the airline, or anybody else have to put up with it?

If you don’t want your travel plans to get disrupted, maybe you could try not being such a dick. You got your gay marriage, champ. You won. Get over it.

Congratulations to this unnamed leftist hero, though. Yelling at a Republican and being minorly inconvenienced for it isn’t exactly a burning at the stake, but today’s martyrs have to make do with whatever they get.