White House, Obama Blocked Congress From Reviewing Secret Aspects Of Iran Deal

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Republican lawmakers recently learned that the White House blocked Congress from reviewing two key aspects of the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Under the current Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the International Atomic Energy Agency will pursue independent negotiations with Iran regarding the inspection of the Parchin military complex, a site long-suspected of conducting research on “long-range ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons,” National Review reports.

The IAEA has unsuccessfully sought entry to the Parchin complex since 2005, and the President’s nuclear deal would preclude Congress from being able to review any concessions the IAEA might make to Iran in the hopes of being allowed inside, a preclusion Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo says “not only… [violates] the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, [but also asks] Congress to agree to a deal it cannot review… Even members of Congress who are sympathetic to this deal cannot and must not accept a deal we aren’t even aware of.”

Additionally, Congress will not be a part of negotiations regarding “outstanding issues on possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program,” which again, will be conducted solely by the IAEA and Iran.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton joined Rep. Pompeo in condemning the deal’s lack of transparency.

“That we are only now discovering that parts of this dangerous agreement are being kept secret begs the question of what other elements may also be secret and entirely free of public scrutiny,” Cotton said in a statement.

Cotton and Pompeo both learned of these side-deals while meeting with the IAEA in Austria last week.

[h/t: National Review]

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