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Whoopi On The Donald: ‘That’s Your Next President Y’all’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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ABC’s The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg offered her largely female audience a stern warning during Thursday’s hot topics : If you don’t get out there and vote, Donald Trump will be their next president.

Wearing a big, goofy smile as she said it, she explained that if they want to play a role in shaping the 2016 race for the White House, they were going to have to do something.

And if they don’t?

“That’s your next president y’all,” she said.

Goldberg and Trump have traded barbs.

In June, Trump declared The View “close to death.” He also tweeted that Whoopi should surround herself with better people than co-host Nicolle Wallace, who has since been canned from the show, buy may work out a contributing role. Trump said Wallace, the token conservative host, “doesn’t have a clue.”

In April, Wallace made a formal request about Trump: “Can we ignore him?”

Whoopi meanwhile, reacted to the real estate mogul’s kiss of death remark with a tweet telling him he should remember that it’s a “long way to the #Election2016.”

She also had that infamous “pee” line about him, saying, “If you pee on everybody, you can’t tell them it’s rain.”