Here’s What Miranda Lambert Is Doing Now That She’s Single [PHOTOS]

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

After calling it quits with Blake Shelton in June, newly single Miranda Lambert is spending her nights with close friends.

Lambert had a “girls night” with Shania Twain at her concert in Nashville over the weekend. Both Lambert and Twain posted pictures from the evening. (RELATED: Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Split)

“Girls night, love seeing you,” Twain wrote on Instagram.

Girls night, love seeing you! #RockThisCountry

A photo posted by Shania Twain (@shaniatwain) on

Girls night, love seeing you! #RockThisCountry

A photo posted by Shania Twain (@shaniatwain) on

The country singer’s first public appearance since she and Blake Shelton announced they are getting divorced was July 22, when she joined singer Ashley Monroe on stage in Nashville.

Shortly after Lambert and Shelton announced they were getting a divorce after four years of marriage, rumors of Lambert’s unfaithfulness began to surface. (PHOTOS: Miranda Lambert Ditches Her Wedding Ring)

One report alleged Lambert dated Josh Beckett, a former pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, for several years during her marriage, and the only reason she didn’t leave her husband for him was because her manager said it “would hurt her brand.” (RELATED: Did Miranda Lambert Cheat On Blake Shelton With This MLB Player?)

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