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Donald Trump To Gawker: Sorry, Wrong Number

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I don’t like Donald Trump almost as much as I don’t like Gawker. I thought Trump was a jerk to give out the phone number of somebody who criticized him. I also think Gawker is a bad website for bad people. So, either way the following item had gone, I wouldn’t have minded the outcome. I don’t mind this outcome.

Yesterday, in a surprising (?) show of solidarity with Lindsey Graham, Gawker’s Sam Biddle* gave out what he purported to be Trump’s private number. How did that turn out? Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle reports:

The number they published at Gawker, however, complete with a fancy graphic touting that they had something special is an old number Trump no longer uses, a Trump campaign spokesperson confirmed to Breitbart News. The epic fail by Gawker has actually had, Trump’s team confirms, exactly zero impact on Trump’s day as a presidential candidate and businessman.

Of course, Trump could be lying. It could be that Gawker’s Sam Biddle actually ruined Trump’s day by giving out his current number, but Trump just can’t admit it.

Why don’t you go with that one, Gawker’s Sam Biddle?

By the way, Gawker might be getting a name change soon, because the Gawker brand has become pure poison. And Nick Denton, the boss of Gawker’s Sam Biddle, says he wants to make the site “10-15% nicer.” Denton’s audience won’t yell at him for going after Trump, so I guess this is part of the usual 85-90%.

*No matter where he goes or what he does with the rest of his life, I will refer to him as Gawker’s Sam Biddle. He deserves no better.