Huckabee: ‘I Want To Salute Donald Trump’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told guest-host Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that he wanted to “salute” Republican front-runner Donald Trump for his ability to dominate media coverage.

However, the former Arkansas governor would also go on to state that if he received as much media coverage as the real-estate mogul, he would be leading the primary polls.

HUCKABEE: I want to salute Donald Trump. I mean, he is a master at branding. There’s no one like him. He’s alone in his class at being able to get attention. The latest survey shows he’s getting ten-times the press coverage than any other candidate. I’m just going to be real clear with you. You give me ten-times the coverage that any other candidate gets, I’ll be leading in the polls.

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