Deez Nuts Polling Close To Ten Percent In North Carolina

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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An independent candidate named “Deez Nuts” is polling at nine percent in North Carolina, according to numbers released today by Public Policy Polling.

It is unknown who is Deez Nuts, the independent candidate registered with the FEC in July and lists his address being in Wallingford, Iowa — a town of 197 according to the last census.

Many North Carolinians are unsure though what to think of Deez Nuts.

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Nuts has previously polled at eight percent in Minnesota two weeks ago and seven in Iowa. He has become more well known in the past two weeks though. Eighty-nine percent of voters had no opinion of Deez Nuts compared to 81 now, and only three percent rated him favorably as opposed to six now. Supporters of Hillary Clinton were more often than not fans of Deez Nuts than Trump’s supporters were in Minnesota, though in North Carolina men actually view Deez Nuts more favorably. (RELATED:Elections 2016: Unexpected Candidate Surges In Minnesota Polls)

This isn’t the first candidate registered in 2016 with a comedic name, Sydneys Voluptuous Buttocks, registered with the FEC back in March as an independent. (RELATED:’Sydneys Voluptuos Buttocks’ Has Filed To Run For President)

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