Trump Hammers ‘Terrible’ Planned Parenthood

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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In a recent interview, Republican front-runner Donald Trump cited the videos allegedly exposing illicit fetal tissue transactions among Planned Parenthood officials as justification for his flop in the abortion debate.

Trump told the Hollywood Reporter that when he was first asked his stance on this issue, “that was not a question that people went around asking you. And I actually said that the concept of abortion was always a tough concept for most people.”

“Those Planned Parenthood videos that came out recently are terrible,” Trump continued. “It was also the cavalier way that they spoke about it. They didn’t exactly have great representatives on the other side.”

Earlier in the interview, the real-estate mogul hinted that his current pro-life stance would actually help him earn a higher percentage of the women’s vote. “You know, many women are pro-life. It’s actually a 50-50 number right down the middle. It’s actually 52, 53 percent in favor of pro-life. It’s actually going the way toward pro-life. A lot of people don’t know that.”

[h/t: Hollywood Reporter]

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