Dr. Phil Dogs Trump: He Needs ‘A Muzzle’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Dr. Phil McGraw suggested that Donald Trump “doesn’t have an edit button. He doesn’t have a muzzle.” (RELATED:Trump Criticizes Carly Fiorina’s Looks: ‘Look At That Face!)

McGraw, appearing on “The View” Monday, said that Trump is “saying a lot of things that angry people might want to say.”

Joy Behar: Is this a joke or is he speaking as an entertainer?

Dr. Phil McGraw: Well, you know what? He doesn’t have an edit button. He doesn’t have a muzzle. But I’ve known Donald for a long time, I know Ivanka. I’ve been around the two of them together. There’s nothing creepy going on there. There’s really nothing creepy going on there. What I wonder about, is right now he’s just talking and he doesn’t have the ability to really have any consequences to what he says. What happens if he were to get elected and things he said had actual diplomatic impact?

Behar: You mean, like he wants to date Putin’s daughter, for example?

McGraw: Yeah. Or he actually had the football. He had the codes with the nuclear codes. I wonder…

Behar: But he keeps getting more and more popular, every time he opens his mouth, he gets more popular.

Paula Faris: Among women, too no else.

Behar: Among the Republican women, the base, yeah.

McGraw: Well, but it’s a long way to the election.

Behar: What are they responding to Dr. Phil?

McGraw: Well, right now, I think we are so overly politically correct, that people are living vicariously through him saying the stuff that everybody wishes they could say. So, I think, right now, I think right now, not everybody, but, I mean, he’s saying a lot of things that angry people might want to say.

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