Escape Artist Nearly Drowns In Failed Stunt [VIDEO]

Abby Deardorff Contributor
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An escape artist nearly drowned Tuesday when he failed to remove all the locks that held his chained body in glass box filled with water.

Spectators in New Jersey watched as the performer, Spencer Horsman, struggled for two-and-a-half minutes to remove the shackles as the box holding him was suspended in the air by a crane, NJ 101.5 FM Radio reports.

When he was unable to free himself, first responders lowered him to the ground and helped pull him out of the water. He was then transported to a local hospital in New Brunswick, and is expected to make a full recoveryaccording to NJ 101.5 FM.

Horsman is just one of famous magician Criss Angel’s troupe named “Criss Angel and the Supernaturalists”. The group decided to give a free street performance as a preview of their upcoming show, in front of the State Theater where it will later take place.

The act, named “Submerged,” required Horseman to handcuff his hands and feet, then wrap his body in further chains that are secured with 16 different locks. He then proceeded to climb into a 30-by-30-inch Plexiglas tank holding over 100 gallons of water.

Angel later apologized saying, “thank you to the State Theatre and thousands of people that showed up for this demonstration. I am sorry that the outcome was not as planned, and we continue to await Spencer’s evaluation. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.”

This was not the first time Horsman had failed at this stunt, having posted on Instagram the day before that it had almost cost him his life a few months prior.