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HuffPost Endorses Ben Carson

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Must be his violent childhood anger.

Or maybe his now low-key, lethargic personality.

Whatever the appeal, HuffPost has unofficially endorsed presidential hopeful Ben Carson Wednesday night as they send a reporter to party with his supporters at his debate night watch party. Which sounds about as fun as eating cardboard.

But Donald Trump?

Screw Trump. As they have in their online pages where they’ve callously sent the GOP frontrunner to the entertainment section alongside the Kardashian clan, they’re virtually ignoring his presence at the debate.

HuffPost Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim really sounds like he’s just not that into Trump. He says that he’s not that interesting.

“The Trump phenomenon is, well, it’s a phenomenon, but it’s not that mysterious of one in the end,” he writes. “What’s harder to figure out is the support for the guy running neck-and-neck with him, Dr. Ben Carson. By all accounts, he’s an extraordinarily talented doctor, awfully friendly, clearly smart as hell. But he has barely articulated a single policy proposal and he hasn’t gotten the wall to wall coverage of Trump. Yet there he is at the top, right there with The Donald.”

“So we have a reporter in Iowa tonight at a Ben Carson debate-watch party, and she’ll join us live here in DC as we do pre-debate and post-debate analysis. I can’t wait to meet the Carson backers. We’ll also go live whenever CNN goes to commercial, to award a few quick points.”

Gee thanks, HuffPost, for pointedly covering what will likely be the most boring party of the night.