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Matthew Boyle Will Never Wash His Shoulder Again

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Breitbart News reporter Matthew Boyle has been in the golden shitter of  Donald Trump‘s private plane. If that’s not cozy enough, now the GOP frontrunner has signed the reporter’s shoulder aboard the USS Iowa in Southern California.

In yet another vague outpouring of nonsense as to what Trump will do in place of Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the contender told Breitbart News this week that he’s going to do something “absolutely great.” Which generally means privatization, he explained (exclusively, of course) to Boyle.

And then something semi-erotic happened.

Trump took a Sharpie and scrawled his name on Boyle’s shoulder.

“’We’re not going to have the false lines,’ Trump said as he grabbed this reporter’s shirt to—completely unsolicited—sign his name on this reporter’s shoulder with the black sharpie he was carrying around.”

Suffice it to say Boyle is never washing his shoulder or his shirt again.