Georgia Linebacker Proposes To His Girlfriend At The Game

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Georgia linebacker Jake Ganus had a big game Saturday when he popped a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend Peyton Thomas after the Georgia victory according to ESPN.

Ganus recorded seven tackles in the game, but he admitted that as the game wrapped up he began to get nervous.

“Then when the fourth quarter kind of hit and we were up by 30 and my coach was like, ‘All right, you’re done. We’re putting somebody else in.’ Then I started getting real nervous,” Ganus told ESPN.

The plan was for Thomas to enter the field with Ganus’s family under the ruse that the linebacker would be photographed for a fake senior of the week award. What Thomas didn’t know was that Ganus would be proposing to her in front of the crowd. Ganus’s mom subtly slipped him the ring, and then came the Georgia star’s big moment to pop the question. (RELATED: Hysterical Auburn Fan ‘Tammy From Clanton’ Has Nuclear Meltdown On Live TV [VIDEO])

As Thomas walked out on the field with the family, Ganus asked her to join him at the 50 yard line. Thomas was beginning to sense something was going on saying, “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I think it’s about to happen’ as we were walking to the 50-yard line, because all these cameras were following us and everyone was looking at us. So he grabbed my hand on the 50-yard line and just told me how much he loved me and I felt all these cameras on me and I just started bawling because it was so exciting. Then he got down on a knee and I was in shock. It didn’t really hit me.” (RELATED: College Football Players Arrested Over Keystone Light Robbery)

Of course ,Thomas said yes and added that she knew they were going to get married since high school.

Ganus, a transfer from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, said he intends to give the NFL a shot after his time in college.

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