Bill De Blasio: Hillary Clinton Need To Clarify Her Vision Further [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed that Hillary Clinton needs to clarify her vision further on Tuesday’s “Squawk Box” before he is ready to endorse any candidate. (RELATED: MSNBC Reporter: Clinton Campaign ‘Stuck In Negative Feedback Loop’)

De Blasio insisted that Hillary needs to “fill in the blanks” so de Blasio and the rest of the electorate can get a better sense of where Clinton’s campaign is going. (RELATED: NBC’s Chuck Todd: The Last Thing Hillary Clinton Needs Now Is A Joe Biden Candidacy)

Becky Quick: Mr. Mayor, while you’re here, the Clinton Global Initiative was yesterday. You weren’t attending yesterday, I don’t know if you are later. We’ve got new poll results showing if Joe Biden were to jump into the Democratic race, that he would have the strongest poll numbers coming out, but we’ve also seen Bernie Sanders picking up. You have not yet endorsed any of these candidates. What do you think about where they stand right now?

Bill De Blasio: I actually think we have a strong Democrat field as it is right now. I think the Democrat candidates are speaking to the core economic reality people are facing in this country. And I think they are doing a good job of laying out a positive vision of what we have to do. So I’ve said I’m satisfied right now the candidates we have are the right ones.

Quick: Are you leaning to Hillary? Are you leaning towards Bernie Sanders?

De Blasio: Well again, that’s something that I’ll keep looking at as the candidates lay out their vision.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Why don’t you endorse, you know Hillary better than most people, you worked with them. What are you waiting for?

De Blasio: It’s really a matter of clarifying the vision further. And I’ve been very impressed by what Hillary Clinton’s put out. And I’ve said this, I think with each passing week, she has added to her vision in a compelling manner. And I give her a lot of credit for that. There’s still a few areas where I think we have to fill in the blanks and get a better sense of where things are going.

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