Brock: Hillary The Likely Nominee — Even If She Loses Iowa, N.H. To Bernie

David Brock (photo: Grae Stafford/The Daily Caller)

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Clinton lackey David Brock believes that even if Hillary loses both the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary “she’s still very well positioned to be the nominee.” (RELATED: Clinton Minion Won’t Apologize For Dirty Opposition Research Attack On Bernie Sanders)

In an interview with Chicago Magazine published Tuesday, Brock did acknowledge “there’s no way that it wouldn’t be something of a setback. But I think the Clinton campaign is organized to such a degree that even if that happened” Clinton could still survive the blow.

When asked about the Clinton email scandal, Brock, whose emails were found in the private server, suggested “it means is that she was interested in having information that was independent of government channels, and to me that suggests an open-mindedness and a desire to know everything that one could know about various subjects.” (RELATED: Sidney Blumenthal Sent Hillary A Memo About Impeaching Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas)

When asked if Hillary Clinton would be the eventual nominee, Brock indicated, “I’m confident she’ll be the Democratic nominee. Absolutely.”

Brock even advised that Bill Clinton should play a much larger role in Hillary’s campaign suggesting, “He has got to be the most effective surrogate one could have.”

David Brock was interviewed by Chicago Magazine in order to hawk is new book “Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary and Hijack Your Government.”

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