‘Invasive’ High School Survey Asks Students How Many Guns Their Families Have, Why They Have Guns

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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In a classroom exercise that has ignited outcry from the public, students at a Texas high school were given a questionnaire asking if their families owned guns, why their families owned guns and how their parents lean politically.

Called The Hawk 2015 Gun Survey, an estimated 100 students in a journalism class at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas were given the survey in an attempt to start a dialogue on the Second Amendment. Instead, parents and Second Amendment activists across the country labeled the survey as “invasive.”

Questions included, “What do you associate with guns?” and “Have you or anyone in your family ever used a gun in a self-defense situation?” (RELATED: Meet The Taxpayer-Funed Feminist Professor Who Calls For ‘Men Control’)

(Photo Courtesy of Michael Cargill)

The questionnaire was brought to the public’s attention by talk radio show host and Texas resident Michael Cargill, who shared the photo on his Facebook account.

“[The Second Amendment] is a great conversation for kids to have in the classroom and definitely for journalism because it applies directly to our Constitution… but the questions that concern me are the ones that ask ‘how many firearms does your parents have at home?’ and ‘what political affiliations do your parents have?’ That’s private,” Cargill told InfoWars.

According to the Come And Talk It radio show host’s Facebook page, the survey was distributed to roughly 100 students in the class, however, it was not mandatory for students to answer the questions. The school is currently led by a new principal who allegedly had no clue the survey was distributed. But according to Hendrickson High parent Michelle Morris, the principal “was very concerned about some of the questions that were in it.”

“Doesn’t matter if its a journalistic survey it crosses the line,” Diana Ramirez wrote on the Facebook post. “This wouldn’t be answered in my home. And this is the reason that any poll similar to it is not accurate. Who in their right mind would respond truthfully to something like it?”

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