Kasich Faces Off With ‘The View’ On Gun Violence: It’s A ‘Mental Health’ Issue [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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John Kasich faced off with the ladies of “The View” on Wednesday, insisting guns aren’t the underlying problem it is a “mental health” and a family issue.

When grilled by host Joy Behar about what he would do with guns, Kasich argued “you have to enforce the laws,” suggesting “when people go to gun shows, and they are going to sell a gun, we need to know who is buying it, which is already law.”

Kasich said the “mental health data system has to be up” and that “states have to be held accountable for it.”

However, Kasich argued that the root cause of gun violence is that “families are broken down, the communities are broken down, [and] the neighbors are not there.” Explaining that “we have to rebuild it so people don’t find themselves isolated, alienated, frustrated, uncared for.”

When host Michelle Collins pressed Kasich on the possibility of removing all of the guns in America, Kasich insisted “you’re not going to get all of the guns out of a home. It’s not going to happen. So I want you to understand, if we focus on guns and that’s fine. That’s not the underlying problem.”

Behar retorted that it be a “start” to take away all the guns in America, Kasich responded, “People who are law-abiding don’t want to give up their guns and they have a right to protect themselves.”

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