The Shocking Reason Selena Gomez Underwent Chemotherapy

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Selena Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus earlier this year, and in a recent interview, the 23-year-old revealed she underwent chemotherapy for the autoimmune disease.

“I was diagnosed with Lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy,” Gomez said.

“That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke.” (RELATED: Selena Gomez In Therapy)

Selena Gomez has Lupus

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Gomez voluntarily checked into a wellness rehab center in Arizona in January, and though tabloids reported it was because she had a partying problem, the singer said she got treatment during her time there. (PHOTOS: That’s Not How You Wear A Towel, Selena Gomez)

“I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m in chemotherapy. You’re assholes.'”

Photos of Selena Gomez's cleavage

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“I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again.” (RELATED: Selena Gomez Implies She Lost Her Virginity To Justin Bieber)

“I’m so fucking nice to everybody, and everyone is so vile to me. I’ve been working since I was 7. I’ve been a UNICEF ambassador since I was 17. It’s so disappointing that I’ve become a tabloid story.”