Giuliani: Trump Is Being ‘Underestimated’ Like Reagan Was [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani sees parallels between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, including their intellect and being underestimated by opponents.

“I compared him … to Ronald Reagan,” Giuliani said on “Morning Joe” Tuesday. “Ronald Reagan always had one great advantage. He was always underestimated. He was always the ‘dumb actor.’ Brown made that mistake when he ran for governor. ‘Oh yeah, I want to run against Reagan. Reagan’s the dumb actor.’ Carter made that mistake. Carter wanted to run against Reagan instead of Bush. ‘Oh, that dumb actor.'”

“Well, it wasn’t a dump actor. It was a very, smart actor,” he continued. “If you go read Reagan’s books and his letters to Mrs. Reagan, you will see what a great writer Ronald Reagan was. Ronald Reagan was a fabulous writer.”

Giuliani further explained, “Donald has been underestimated from the beginning … but it’s going to get real close. There are a couple of other really good candidates on the Republican side.”

America’s Mayor suggested that if Trump falters, “Rubio is superbly talented man. Bush has everything, except that charisma thing isn’t working, and I think Donald has taken the most from him. So if Donald should come down, it is probably Bush who will come up.”

Giuliani added, “Christie could surprise in New Hampshire; he’s a New Hampshire candidate, and so is Kasich. But they are all kind of dividing it so no one is taking off yet.”

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