Is Bad Math To Blame For Jennifer Lawrence’s Hollywood Wage Gap?

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Jennifer Lawrence blamed bad negotiation skills for why she made less than the guys in “American Hustle,” but shoddy math might be the real reason her paycheck was lower.

Lawrence recently wrote an essay for Lena Dunham’s feminist newsletter titled, “Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?”

“I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early,” Lawrence wrote. “I gave up early. I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don’t need.”

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But a new report from Deadline claims Lawrence made less because she worked less than the guys did.

Christian Bale worked 45 days, Bradley Cooper did 46, and Lawrence worked 19, which is reportedly why she got $1 million less than both men.

“While it’s refreshing to see Lawrence put herself out there for a worthy cause, I’m not sure that ‘American Hustle’ is the movie to use as Exhibit A,” Mike Fleming wrote on Deadline. (RELATED: Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Released In Huge Leak)

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“Everybody sacrificed to get that movie made; if the actors and director had been greedy and insisted on their usual fees, a worthy film would have died at the negotiating table.” (RELATED: Here’s Why Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She Makes Less Money)

Fleming argues that the film, which got 10 Oscar nominations, actually made Lawrence more popular, and might be the reason Lawrence got $20 million to star in the sci-fi adventure “Passengers” while her costar Chris Pratt is making $5 to $7 million less. (RELATED: Jennifer Lawrence: ‘A Donald Trump Presidency Would Be The End Of The World’)