NBC’s Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton ‘Has No Good Answers’ On Libya [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Host of “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd says Hillary Clinton has “no good answers” regarding the U.S. intervention in Libya.

Appearing on NBC’s “Today” on Thursday, Todd also warned that if Clinton tries to grandstand and politicize the Benghazi Committee “that that is actually a riskier strategy.”

“If she doesn’t take this seriously,” explained Todd, “if she’s almost too political herself, she’s not going to help herself politically with that narrow slice of voters that might actually be persuaded by what happens today.”

Host Matt Lauer commented, “The tone is really hard, and she hasn’t always gotten the tone right. She got criticized for making jokes about the email scandal.”

“For 15 years, the State Department was told it had to improve embassy security. 15 years. This is four secretaries of state. She, along with three other secretaries of state, didn’t do that.”

Todd insisted, if the Benghazi Committee asks her “about Libya and the decision to go into Libya. That’s where she has no good answers.”

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