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Goodbye Clock Kid, Hello Carrot Girl

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With Ahmed Mohamed, we saw what happens when zero-tolerance policies in schools collide with liberal guilt over “Islamophobia.” Now, here’s what happens when the same policies are applied to a non-Muslim kid.

Jon Burkett, WTVR in Richmond, VA:

A 14-year old girl could be charged with assault and battery after she threw a baby carrot at one of her former teachers…

“I don’t even know how to combat the stupidity,” Karrie May, whose 14-year-old daughter Aliya is currently suspended for launching the vegetable, said…

Aliya said she left class and saw a teacher she had last year in the hallway. So, as a joke, she said she reached for a baby carrot she had stashed at lunch and tossed it towards the teacher, never thinking she’d hit her in the forehead.

Are they doing this because the kid is a Muslim?

Of course not. If that were the case, you wouldn’t be hearing about it on my dumb blog. You’d be hearing about it everywhere. Obama would tweet an invitation for her to bring her bag of baby carrots to the White House. Liberal TV hosts and tyrannical despots and other lovely people would parade her around to show off their sophistication and tolerance. She might even grab that big brass ring: a full ride to some school in Qatar.

But this is just another ordinary American kid with no identity politics in her corner, doing ordinary American things and being punished all out of proportion. Nobody’s going to help her. Nobody cares. She’s not a designated victim.

Hell, she doesn’t even get credit for following Michelle Obama’s school lunch guidelines.

Welcome to Utopia, everybody!

Jim Treacher