Hillary Accuses Bernie Sanders Of Sexism [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton often bristles when her political opponents accuse her of playing the gender card, but she did just that in Iowa on Saturday when she accused Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders of sexism.

During a speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Des Moines, Clinton addressed Sanders’ past comments that “shouting” would not held solve the problem of gun crime.

Clinton apparently believes that Sanders was singling her out and that he was attacking her because she is a woman.

“I haven’t been shouting, but sometimes when a woman speaks out, some people think it’s shouting,” Clinton said during the speech.

But Clinton is either overly sensitive or using Sanders’ remarks for political gain.

As The New York Times noted, Sanders began decrying the “shouting” taking place in the gun debate well before Clinton staked out her position on the issue earlier this month.

In July, Sanders said people need to “stop shouting at each other” on gun issues. In August, he said that “people shouting at each other” is not going to solve the problems with gun violence. Clinton released her gun control policy proposal on Oct. 5.

Sanders responded to Clinton’s accusation on Sunday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“All that I can say is I am very proud of my record on women’s issues,” Sanders said. “I certainly do not have a problem with women speaking out, and I think what the secretary is doing there is taking words and misapplying them.”

“What I was talking about very clearly is that all across this country we have people shouting at each other,” Sanders added.

Pressed for further response to Clinton’s charge, Sanders replied, “well, what can I say? That’s just not the case.”


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