Carly Fiorina Will Face Off With The Liberal Ladies Of ‘The View’ Friday [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina will face off with the ladies of “The View” on Friday in the aftermath of co-host Michelle Collins calling her face “demented” last Thursday. (RELATED: Carly Fiorina: ‘I Am Tired Of Being Insulted By Liberal Feminists’)

Monday, Fiorina told former cohost of “The View” and current Fox News “Fox & Friends” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “I will face the ladies of ‘The View’ for the second time Friday. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I don’t need an apology, Elisabeth. But I think what this points out, is that liberals, and unfortunately that includes liberal women when they don’t like the message, they attack the messenger,” explained Fiorina.

“So my message to the ladies of ‘The View’ is man up. If you want to debate me on policies, the Obama administration for example has been bad for women, Planned Parenthood is harvesting baby parts — if you don’t like those facts or those messages, man up and debate me on them. But don’t sink to talking about my face.”

Fiorina further explained, “Hillary Clinton doesn’t scare me. None of these liberal women scare me. We have to lay the facts out there and introduce to the American people why our principles and our policies work better.”

“You know the last time I was on ‘The View,’ Rosie Perez asked me a very important questions,” explained Fiorina. She asked me why I was a Republican. And I said, because I know that no one of us is any better than any one of us. Each one of us are gifted by God. All of us can live lives of dignity, purpose, and meaning. And I know that our policies, and our principles, and our values work better to lift everyone up, men and women.”


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