RNC Comms Director Slams Media’s ‘Huge Double Standard’ For Republicans Vs. Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

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Republican National Committee Communications Director Sean Spicer blasted the “huge double standard when it comes to how the media treats Republicans and how the media treats Democrats,” citing how the mainstream media treats Hillary Clinton. 

Appearing on CNN’s “Smerconish” on Saturday, host Michael Smerconish attempted to argue that the RNC’s “take-on-media mentality” can help win the Iowa caucus, “but it bodes poorly when you’re trying to win over independents in general election.” (RELATED: Carson Blasts CNN For ‘Lies’ Relating To Investigation Into His Youth [VIDEO])

Spicer disagreed insisting,

Look at Hillary Clinton with the e-mail scandal, with Benghazi, the level of  evasion that they have had, the attacks that they’ve had had on the media. That’s what I think is the problem Michael, is when it comes to Republicans, everyone says, ‘You guys are so dismissive, it’s always the media’s fault.’ When Hillary Clinton makes the same claims, everyone rushes to her defense and says, ‘You know what, you Republicans have been too tough on her, and she’s answered that question.’ I mean, there is such a huge double standard when it comes to how the media treats Republicans and how the media treats Democrats. That just, it’s a fact.

Smerconish shot back, “I don’t know it’s a fact — can I say, it may have been a fact 30 years ago when really there were very few outlets. And I would concede to you, generally speaking they were left of center. But Hillary Clinton, like the first question put to her in the only debate thus far was by Anderson Cooper. And the gist it was, how in the world are you going to get elected when so many americans find you untrust worthy? I mean, not exactly softball.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: ‘Friday, November Sixth Is The Assassination Attempt Of Ben Carson’ By The Media [VIDEO])

Spicer retorted, “No it’s not. This idea that we’re getting softball questions is nuts. That first debate on Fox was serious, hard-hitting, tough questions. There’s no one, in fact the moderators in that thing got praised by the liberal media by saying, you know what, they did ask tough questions.”

“I think the problem with the mainstream media is that they don’t understand the toughness, intensity, scrutiny, and intelligence that conservative media brings to the table,” Spicer explained. (RELATED: Limbaugh: Conservative Media ‘Has Caused The Liberal Media To Abandon Any Pretense Of Objectivity’)

Spicer later suggested, “The reason that Fox News is so successful is because they’re covering stories, talking to people that the mainstream media ignores. And I think the American people, the reason they’re drawn to Fox is because of that.”

The reason “The Daily Caller and other places have grown to be successful is because the mainstream media, frankly, is not understanding what a lot of Americans are actually dealing with,” he explained.

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