The Revolution Devours Its College Administrators

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Scott Greer Contributor
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Sometimes you happen upon a tweet that contains so many layers of stupidity that it transforms itself into a brilliant work of prose.

On Tuesday night, the feminist Ms. magazine tweeted out, “While ISIS endorses rape, American college administrations similarly facilitate the rape of women on campuses.”

That mind-meltingly dumb line was a paraphrase from the Ms. article “Institutionalized Rape: It’s Not Just an ISIS Problem.” Written by one Amy Lauricella, the post tries to argue colleges allow its male students to rape people, just like the caliphate encourages its disciples to do the same. This reasoning is so ridiculous that it’s hard to even to argue with it, especially considering how higher education’s problem with rape is hysterically overblown. (RELATED: There’s More Than One In Five Things Wrong With Campus Rape Facts)

What’s more interesting about Lauricella’s argument is where she places the blame for the college sexual assault epidemic: school administrators. Given the recent events at Yale and the University of Missouri, it appears that the number one targets for left-wing campus activists are becoming ivory tower bureaucrats.

The funny thing is that these same college administrators usually support various left-wing student causes, railroad men falsely accused of rape out of school, enable safe spaces, cancel “dangerous” speakers and do just about everything to appease the loud and offended crowd. (RELATED: The Deans Of Campus Insanity)

What’s happening right now is the all too common tendency of revolutions to devour their own — and the victims are typically the moderates who fail to live up to the radicals’ demands.

In terms of the campus revolution that has turned our most prestigious institutions of learning into centers for cultural Marxist indoctrination, there’s no group more responsible for this change than college administrators.

They’ve overseen the massive expansion of diversity programming that teaches about the horrors of white privilege. They’re the ones who created and enforced totalitarian speech codes that stifle dissenting opinions. They’re the ones cracking down on Halloween “cultural appropriation.”

And, as previously alluded to, they’ve been more than eager to kick out male students falsely accused of rape. Lauricella cites one single case where a school covered up the sexual assault committed by a football player as proof college deans facilitate rape. She fails to mention the dozens (and possibly hundreds) of examples of innocent young men being punished by a made-up rape claims. (RELATED: Campus Rape Hysteria Has No Use For Due Process)

Here are a few examples. The University of Virginia temporarily shut down its entire fraternity system over the infamous Rolling Stone rape hoax last December. The University of North Dakota expelled a male student over a rape claim in 2010, which eventually resulted in criminal charges… against the accuser for filing a false police report. A star wrestler was driven out from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga in 2014 over a false accusation and had to win back his reinstatement through a court order. (RELATED: Another Major College Rape Case Has Collapsed)

Besides the persecution of falsely-accused assailants, administrators also champion draconian “affirmative consent” laws which are supported by many feminists. (RELATED: Gillibrand: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Should Go Nationwide)

But it’s gotten into the minds of left-wing activists and journalists that one in five women will be raped on campus, and administrators are doing nothing about it. Except that figure includes many instances that would not be considered assault under the law, while advocates want to keep those same evil administrators overseeing rape cases instead of the justice system.

Then again, delusions seem to be the driving force behind the campus revolution. The Yale students who berated a college master and hated on free speech truly did believe that a mere email expressing support for student choice marginalized minority students. Mizzou protesters actually think a poop swastika is indicative of the systematic racism that’s embedded into the university. (RELATED: Was Mizzou’s President Forced Out Over Wildly Exaggerated Claims?)

Without actual racist or even conservative boogeymen to go after, these students turn towards the people who promised their college would be a safe space from the reality of the world. Similar to how the Maoist Red Guards went after aging communist leaders for failing the goals of the revolution, these college agitators want their deans and professors to pay for not doing their utmost to turn colleges into sheltered enclaves of cultural Marxism. (RELATED: First They Came For Free Speech At Yale…)

And now you’re seeing a domino effect all across the country of administrators paying that very price. First, that berated Yale professor, Nicholas Christakis, begged for forgiveness from his inquisitors for supporting the right to free speech. Then Mizzou’s President Tim Wolfe resigned after he realized the football team thought he facilitated racism. (RELATED: Brace Yourself For Racial Activism In College Football)

On Thursday, activists at California’s Claremont McKenna College forced their dean of students to depart over an “insensitive” email. (RELATED: It Spreads: Another Campus Official Forced Out By Racial Protests)

The same thing is likely to happen at Ithaca College in New York and at other campuses as well. The only question is: Will these future victims be toppled by claims of systematic racism or for accusations of facilitating rape culture?

It would be easy to bask in the schadenfreude of watching these enablers of campus insanity be done in by the very radicals they helped create. But once you realize their replacements will be far worse and their departure only signals a further decline in American higher education, that brief moment of joy quickly evaporates.

Like all successful left-wing revolutions, this one is heading towards a disturbing, totalitarian conclusion.

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