Ed Schultz Starts Super PAC

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Ed Schultz’s dream of working for Fox News was long ago shattered when a fulsome letter written on his behalf to Roger Ailes went unanswered.

But now Schultz, whose MSNBC show for some strange reason was canceled about two months after he made the cable channel’s president into a huge liar at his trial for breach of partnership, seems to have abandoned all hope of working in the broadcasting industry again.

Most media personalities who get fired are quickly snapped up by somebody else. But Schultz is apparently a pariah thanks to The Daily Caller exposing his private emails belittling Oprah Winfrey, saying Chris Matthews spits when he talks and describing CNN as the same substance that Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple’s wife allegedly once hurled at a neighborhood shop keeper.

His show was dropped in July but so far Schultz has not found any new gigs, other than representing the Bernie Sanders campaign in the post-debate spin room, where he unwittingly gave an interview to TheDC.

Alas, almost nobody seems to have noticed that Schultz just started a new super PAC called Americans for a Strong Middle Class, hoping to leverage his stellar name into donations.

“I feel like I am perfectly positioned with my national platform, with my name and visibility and credibility with the middle class, to be the person to head up this super PAC,” he told  Inforum.com. “We are a 527; we are a nonprofit; we are incorporated in Washington, D.C., and we are going to get involved in issues around the country that are vital to a strong middle class, with our focus on jobs and wages, health care, education, trade agreements and justice.”

Schultz contended that, “Middle class issues are here to stay. This transcends any candidate or any issue or any election cycle.”

It certainly does. It certainly does.

No wonder that Schultz’s super PAC is already such an impressive operation. True, there is apparently no website as of Monday afternoon. But Americans for a Strong Middle Class boasts headquarters in tony downtown Washington, D.C. — at the UPS Store just off 17th and M Streets.

The office suite is mail box number 266.


The UPS Store offers small, medium and large mailboxes. Annual fees are $372.00, $468.00 and $624.00, respectively. Schultz opted for the smallest box, which seems geared toward personal use.

Incorporation papers were filed Oct. 15 with the Federal Election Commission. But “there is not much required at this point,” an FEC spokesman told the Washington Gadfly.

Anybody can start a 527 super PAC. You just need a treasurer, mailing address, bank account and president. The first FEC report for Schultz’s powerhouse operation is due Jan. 31.

Somebody named Ron Hartenbaum is listed as treasurer. Schultz is president but bragged to Inforum.com that he won’t get paid for the first two years because he is so dedicated to the cause.

So if Big Ed is tight for cash in the meantime maybe he should following in the footsteps of another washed up ex-talk show host, Montel Williams, and hawk copper-infused underwear for pain.