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EXCLUSIVE: Amtrak Police Double As George Soros Body Guards

(REUTERS/Ruben Sprich)

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Never let it be said that hard left plutocrat George Soros is anti-cop.

Sure, Soros’s Open Society Foundations funded anti-police protestors in Ferguson, Missouri and supported the Black Lives Matter hooligans.

But, lo and behold, Soros was spotted on a recent Friday night in Union Station being all warm and fuzzy with the fuzz. Two white Amtrak police officers escorted Soros out of private waiting room and onto an Amtrak golf cart. One officer then chauffeured Soros down the tracks, presumably to a waiting train.

What is wrong with this picture? First of all, why are the federally funded Amtrak police acting as Soros’s private body guards? Don’t they have anything better to do—like make sure nobody is planting bombs around Union Station? Train terminals are a frequent target for terrorists. What duties did these officers place on hold so they could be Soros’s palace guard? Secondly, how are Soros’s Black Lives Matter pals going to feel about his consorting with the enemy?

Aren’t the white cops who escorted him racists just like all white cops are racist? Did he ask for “cops of color?” Or opt for white officers so they could wrongly arrest any blacks who approached him and asked for an autograph?

After all, according to Soros and his ilk, cops never have a good reason to arrest anyone. Soros’s Open Society Foundations [yes plural] was not very open to questions. Press aide Kritika Bansal ignored repeated inquiries.

But this reporter has used Union Station regularly since 1991 and can’t recall ever seeing the Amtrak Police accompanying private citizens. Ditto for Penn Station in New York. Amtrak spokeswoman Chelsea Kopta, explained that, “Requests for security services are forwarded by the National Communications Center and various other contacts to the Amtrak Police Department’s Dignitary Protection Unit. The Unit evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis to determine the need for Amtrak Police resources, and to determine an appropriate course of action. We’ve found this to be mutually beneficial as we can assure the safety of the individual/group as well as keep the flow of pedestrian traffic moving.”


But since when is Soros a “dignitary?” He is a private citizen. Dignitaries are either a political office holder, government official or foreign diplomat.

Amtrak really needs to stop treating Soros like King George.