Clinton Finally Admits ‘Legitimate Fears’ Over Syrian Refugees [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finally admitted that she understands “the legitimate fears and concerns people have” about admitting Syrian refugees into America. (RELATED: Growing List Of Governors Say They Won’t Accept Syrian Refugees)

Speaking at a campaign rally on Friday, Clinton explained, “So there are a number of steps we have to take and we’re going to have to be really focused on going after anybody who poses a threat to us no matter how they get here.”

“And I know there’s a big argument going on in the country about refugees. Look, we have to be careful, I understand the legitimate fears and concerns people have. We have to have the toughest possible betting that our Defense Department, our intelligence community, Homeland Security, The State Department, everybody has to be as careful as we can and it does take up to two years.”

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