MSNBC Host Turns Terrorism Conversation Toward ‘Christian Extremism’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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While interviewing two random people on the street — Amanda and Dave from Florida — about Donald Trump’s proposed moratorium on Muslim immigrants, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts and Frances Rivera quickly toward the conversation toward “Christian extremism.”

After both Amanda and Dave expressed support for Trump’s plan, Roberts asked Rivera to relay a question to the visiting couple.

“I’m just curious. Can you ask Amanda and Dave what they think about Christian shooters? They live in Florida, and just to their north in South Carolina we had Adam Lanza kill people at Mother Emmanuel,” he added. “Are they worried about Christian extremism?”

It should be noted that Roberts said that Adam Lanza was responsible for the shooting at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, SC, yet Dylann Roof actually perpetrated the attack.

Adam Lanza is responsible for murdering 28 individuals — including himself — at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

“Well, I think you can’t do a whole lot about the problem that’s already here,” responded Amanda, “but you can do something about what’s going to start coming in new.”

“If a bunch of American Christians started,” perpetrating coordinated mass shootings that receive praise from international terrorist organizations, “then you’d have to look at it differently.”

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