Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Trump Is A Terrorist

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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NBA legend and devout Muslim Kareem Abdul-Jabbar believes that Donald Trump is a terrorist.

Jabbar argues in an opinion piece for Time that Trump spreads terrorism because he supposedly meets the Webster’s Dictionary definition of “terrorism.”

Jabbar wrote in part:

The terrorist campaign against American ideals is winning. Fear is rampant. Gun sales are soaring. Hate crimes are increasing. Bearded hipsters are being mistaken for Muslims. And 83 percent of voters believe a large-scale terrorist attack is likely here in the near future. Some Americans are now so afraid that they are willing to trade in the sacred beliefs that define America for some vague promises of security from the very people who are spreading the terror. “Go ahead and burn the Constitution — just don’t hurt me at the mall.” That’s how effective this terrorism is.

I’m not talking about ISIS. I’m talking about Donald Trump.

This is not hyperbole. Not a metaphor. Webster defines terrorism as “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal; the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

If violence can be an abstraction — and it can; that’s what a threat is — the Trump campaign meets this definition. Thus, Trump is ISIS’s greatest triumph: the perfect Manchurian Candidate who, instead of offering specific and realistic policies, preys on the fears of the public, doing ISIS’s job for them. Even fellow Republican Jeb Bush acknowledged Trump’s goal is “to manipulate people’s angst and fears.”

Some critics of Jabbar’s argument would certainly argue that Trump isn’t violent so he doesn’t fit the definition of terrorism, but Jabbar addressed that too.

He explained in his piece by saying:

While Trump is not slaughtering innocent people, he is exploiting such acts of violence to create terror here to coerce support. As I have written before, his acts could be interpreted as hate crimes. He sounds the shrill alarm of impending doomsday even though since 9/11, about 30 Americans a year have been killed in terrorist attacks worldwide — as The Atlantic pointed out, “roughly the same number as are crushed to death each year by collapsing furniture.” Trump’s irresponsible, inflammatory rhetoric and deliberate propagation of misinformation have created a frightened and hostile atmosphere that could embolden people to violence. He’s the swaggering guy in old Westerns buying drinks for everyone in the saloon while whipping them up for a lynching. 

Jabbar’s opinion piece follows Trump’s suggestion that the United States close off its borders to Muslims. Trump also questioned whether their are any good Muslim athletes. (RELATED: Muhammad Ali Hits Trump)

Jabbar won six NBA championships and six MVP awards during his playing days. Trump hasn’t responded to Jabbar or clarified if he thinks Jabbar is a good Muslim athlete.

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