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What’s The Name Of The White Person Who Told the Black Presidential Candidate He Was ‘Full Of $#!+’?

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Apparently, Ben Carson thinks that people choose to be gay? That doesn’t really sound plausible to me, even in 2016 America, where being gay is a badge that allows you to get away with pretty much anything.

Like this.

I don’t think you chose to be gay, sir and/or madam, but you certainly have chosen to be an asshole.

I’ve never understood why gay-rights activists are so determined to alienate people who are otherwise sympathetic to their cause, but I guess that’s because I’m a right-wing homophobe and so forth.

Two questions occur to me about this incident:

  1. What’s the name of this young man, woman, or other?
  2. Why don’t we know already?

Remember that heckler at the Hillary Clinton townhall? (It was two entire days ago, so it might’ve slipped your mind already.) Before she had even sat down again, the press corps had dug up her name, address, and — most importantly — political affiliation. That’s the instinct of our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media whenever one of their own has been embarrassed. They actually wake up and do their jobs.

Not so this time. The identity of this person is unknown, and I can’t seem to find anybody else even asking. Xe has served xis and/or xer purpose. The media doesn’t need to know who you are or why you’re there, as long as you get the job done: embarrass the Republican.

By the way, this young person of indeterminate gender really needs to check xis and/or xer white privilege. I’m old enough to remember when criticizing a black guy who’s running for president was a bad thing.

And can you imagine if Carson had reacted as rudely as Clinton did on Sunday?

I guess it’s okay to put a black guy in his place as long he’s on the “wrong” team. Good job, crackers.