Watch Jimmy Fallon Conduct A Job Interview With Trump [VIDEO]

Steve Guest | Media Reporter

Donald Trump conducted a mock job interview for president of the United States with Jimmy Fallon.

On Monday night’s “Tonight Show” on NBC, Fallon asked Trump about his strengths.

“I think, believe it or not, bringing people together,” he replied. “I really can bring people together. A lot of people would say it is the exact opposite, but I really unify, I bring people together. I get along with people, I’ve always gotten along with people. I’ll get along with Democrats, with Republicans, with liberals, with conservatives. And that’s what we need in this country. We have to bring it together because it is very divided.”

Fallon asked Trump to tell him a little about himself. Trump said, “Well, I’m an extraordinarily handsome person. I have a beautiful head of hair. I was always a good student and I always worked hard.”

Check out the full job interview to see how Trump fared in the Fallon job interview.


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