MSNBC Host: SOTU Is Bring Your Muslim To Work Day For Democrats [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Tamron Hall suggested that Barack Obama’s final State of the Union Address is bring your Muslim to work day, just like “bring our daughters to work day, bring our children to work day to expose them.”

Tuesday on “MSNBC Live,” Rep. [crscore]Debbie Wasserman Schultz[/crscore] told Hall that there is “no better way” to fight for American values than to invite a Muslim American to the State of the Union. Dr. Moshin Jaffer, who according to embattled DNC Chair Wassermann Schultz is a constituent and a friend is her guest. (RELATED: Will The DNC Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz As Chair?)

Wasserman Schultz circulated a letter with Rep. [crscore]Keith Ellison[/crscore], the first Muslim elected to Congress, in response to Donald Trump calling for a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration. (RELATED: Trump Calls For Moratorium On Muslims Entering United States)

“Chairwoman, let me ask you about the overall point here. I mean, I know we have bring our daughters to work day, bring our children to work day to expose them,” Hall asked. “But on the flip side, you want to remind your colleagues of the importance of inclusion in the very building that you’re standing in.”

“Absolutely. And let me just correct you, Tamron. I invited Dr. Jaffer as a member of Congress,” Wasserman Schultz said. “He’s a constituent of mine and a friend and so in my capacity as a member of the U.S. House, I extended the invitation and I did so because I’ve been appalled as so many of my constituents have been appalled at the vitriol and the hatred and the appalling reaction of some towards Muslims and Muslim Americans and I felt for me as a member of a minority religion myself, a religion, Judaism, that has been persecuted throughout our existence.”

“It’s incumbent upon us to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters and make sure that we can push back hard on that vitriol and hatred and say, ‘Absolutely not. Not in the United States of America. These are not American values,” Wasserman Schultz claimed. “And no better way than to invite Muslim American constituents to join us for the most significant speech that is given by the president of the United States all year long in the greatest democratic institution in the world.”

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