The Shocking Way Charlie Sheen’s Daughter’s Found Out He Was HIV-Positive

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Charlie Sheen’s daughters found out that he was HIV-positive the same way the rest of the world did — from the news.

A new report claims that Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, found out about their father’s diagnosis while they were at school. (RELATED: Jenny McCarthy: Charlie Sheen Should Be REQUIRED To Tell Me About HIV) 

“When the HIV news came out, Charlie never told them,” a source told Page Six. “It broke when they were at school and Denise [Richards] didn’t even have a heads-up about it. She had to explain that issue much earlier than she anticipated.”

Charlie Sheen's daughters found out about HIV diagnosis

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The source added that Sam and Lola were recently rejected from several private schools because of their dad’s “erratic behavior.” (RELATED: Charlie Sheen Tried To Kill Himself After HIV Diagnosis)

“They applied to 10 schools and weren’t accepted to any of them,” the source added.

“The schools were concerned after the situation with Viewpoint. They didn’t want to take the risk and have something about their school in the media or if he were to lash out at another child. The rejection was hard because they feel like they did something wrong.”

“Charlie explained to them the reason they couldn’t get in was because of him.” (RELATED: Burt Reynolds: ‘Charlie Sheen Deserves His HIV Diagnosis’)