Shocking Footage Shows Arab Immigrants Assaulting German Train Passengers [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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A shocking video has surfaced allegedly showing several “migrants” attacking two elderly passengers on a train in Germany.

[dcquiz] According to Tom Roth — the Munich citizen who recorded the video — the two victims were attempting to stop the migrants, who appear to be of Middle Eastern descent, from sexually assaulting a female passenger.

“After seizing the Germans by the hands and insulting them verbally, a young attacker kicks one of the old men, then holds him by the neck from behind and threatens him,” reports RT.



This isn’t Germany’s first sexual assault scandal involving immigrants. On New Year’s Eve, a total of 497 German women claimed they were sexually assaulted by Arab immigrants. (RELATED: Cologne Police Make First Arrest 18 Days After 497 Women Were Sexually Assaulted)

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