MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Says John Sununu Knows His ‘S**t’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews told former New Hampshire governor John Sununu, “You’re kind of cranky, but you know your shit” live on TV Thursday.

During “Hardball” prior to the Democratic debate on MSNBC, Matthews blamed the use of the word “shit” on Donald Trump.

At the closing of the interview with Sununu, the former governor said, “Regarding the Republican side of the New Hampshire primary, everybody thinks there’s just only going to be three tickets out of here. I think there maybe four.”

Matthews replied, “Please come back. You’re kind of cranky, but you know your shit. I shouldn’t have said that word. That was a Trump word… I got to say I’m was sorry for that word. I really mean it. Why? I heard Trump just say it. That’s bad. I’m sorry.”

After the commercial break, Matthews said, “By the way, I have to apologize again for that word I — I don’t know how I got it into my head and into tonight’s broadcast but it’s a four-letter word, a bad word, not a terrible word, but not a good word to be using on television.”

“But it’s funny, if there is irony in this business,” Matthews argued. “Just a few moments ago, we blurbed out out the candidate, Donald Trump using the exact same word. But we blurbed it out. I wish I’d been able to blurb my own word out.”

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