Abortion Group Spends Super Bowl 50 Declaring Nearly Every Ad Sexist [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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NARAL, the pro-abortion lobbying group, wouldn’t let Super Bowl advertisers get away with any “sexism” during the game. At least that’s how they framed their tweeting complaints about nearly every ad.

The first “sexist,” “misogynistic” ad they hated was for Hyundai and featured actor Kevin Hart as an overprotective father.

The problem? Hart’s concern for his daughter is “taking away” his “daughter’s autonomy and stalking her.”

In addition to their own tweets, NARAL retweeted the outrage of others.

Next came a Snickers ad featuring Willem Dafoe as a hungry, cranky Marilyn Monroe before eating the candy bar. It was deemed “transphobic.”

Again, they retweeted those who agreed with them.

While perceived misogyny was a constant source of outrage for the abortion group, their blood really got boiling when Doritos ran an ad showing a fetus reacting to its father eating the chips.

NARAL took issue with Doritos “humanizing” a fetus.

NARAL inspired pushback against those they’d retweeted:

They quickly claimed it was because they were “smashing the patriarchy.”

Next target: Buick. The carmaker’s commercial featured Emily Ratajkowski and New York Giant Odell Beckham Jr., famous for his one-handed catches, and involved Emily diving for the bouquet after a wedding.

NARAL was not happy to see attractive women exerting effort to catch the flowers. Doing so was, apparently, sexist.

Again, they retweeted likeminded sentiments.

Hyundai was back for their next outrage, an ad featuring actor Ryan Reynolds. Two women driving while checking out the actor they see everywhere.

The takeaway for NARAL? Hyundai thinks women can’t drive.

Again, they found likeminded people to retweet.