Russell Wilson Writes Touching Tribute To Peyton Manning

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson wrote a touching tribute to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning, who is widely expected to retire, won Super Bowl 50 on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, and Wilson paid tribute to the NFL legend with a piece written in The Players’ Tribune. (RELATED: The Denver Broncos Are Super Bowl Champions)

The former Wisconsin Badgers star wrote:

From all the wins, to the few tough losses. From the 71,000 yards, to all the touchdowns, to the few interceptions.

From all the meetings, to all the hard practices, to all the film, to all the blood, sweat and tears.

From all the Pro Bowls, to the handful of MVPs, to the two Lombardi trophies. From all the teammates, to all the opponents, to all the fans.

From the blue and white, to the blue and orange …


If this is it, there’s one moment I won’t forget.

10th grade. Louisiana. At your quarterback camp.

You inspired the kid in the green shirt.

You inspired me to work hard. To be disciplined. To be respectful. To take notes.

You inspired me to love the process. To love the sweat. To love the tears.

But most of all …

You inspired me to love the game.

Thanks, Peyton.

If this is it,


Wilson and the Seahawks destroyed Manning and his Broncos in Super Bowl 48 but there’s clearly a whole lot of respect between the two of them. (RELATED: The Only Thing Hotter Than Russell Wilson’s Football Game Is His Smoking Hot Girlfriend [SLIDESHOW])

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