‘Ma Lips Ah Sealed!’ Hillary Uses Black Accent In Chat With Sharpton

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton appeared to mimic Rev. Al Sharpton’s accent on Tuesday while standing right next to the civil rights activist.

“My lips are sealed,” Clinton said in an affected accent after an event at the Harlem headquarters of Sharpton’s National Action Network.

The comment came after Politico reporter Annie Karni asked Sharpton if he plans to endorse Clinton.

“You’ve got to watch her,” Sharpton said, drawing Clinton’s attention to Karni. “She’s trying to ask whether I’m endorsing. I told her only you know, and I’m not telling.”

Sharpton, who met last week with Clinton’s Democratic challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has said he wants to hear from both candidates before issuing an endorsement.

Clinton has been criticized over the years for altering her voice to fit in with her audience. Last year, Bloomberg Politics compiled video of examples of Clinton’s evolving accent.

One memorable example of Clinton’s vocal pandering came in 2007 during a speech from the pulpit at a black church in Selma, Ala. “I don’t feel no ways tired,” Clinton said in a deep southern drawl, reciting lyrics from a song written by Rev. James Cleveland.

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