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Shocker: MSNBC Host Bashes Dems For Supreme Court Nomination Hypocrisy

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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It is hard to think of the last time a major MSNBC personality, other than Joe Scarborough, sided with Republicans over Democrats.

But yesterday afternoon, “UP” host Steve Kornacki did just that. He conceded newly unearthed 1992 video of then-Senator Joe Biden saying Supreme Court nominees should not be confirmed during that election year makes Democrats sound foolish and hypocritical to demand that the GOP allow a vote on anybody Barack Obama nominates to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

[dcquiz] After airing Biden’s statement Kornacki unloaded on the Dems. “If you took the quote we just played and said a Republican senator had said it today, you would have outrage from Democrats. They would say, this Senate — yet that was the Democratic posture back in 1992. It just seems to me, playing this forward, Democrats trying to get the moral high ground here, trying to tell Republicans they are under an absolute obligation to do this. That seems like a pretty devastating soundbite.”

However, NBC News White House correspondent Chris Jansing rushed to the Democrats’ defense.Let me channel the White House. But Steve, that was in June. We’re in February now. No, I’m kidding.”

Or maybe not. Since she did not actually say anything disputing the argument.

But Kornacki quickly batted it down. “I have actually heard that today. The difference between unprecedented Constitutional obstruction and something totally routine is three months.”