Ben Carson: A Poor Super Tuesday Finish Will ‘Be Very Tough For My Campaign’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Acknowledging his “disappointing” finishes in the contests so far, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Thursday said that “without a strong showing” on Super Tuesday, “it’s going to be very tough for my campaign.”

“The four early-voting states — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada — have all spoken, and we did not finish where we had hoped,” Carson wrote. “While in many ways we’ve made history throughout this campaign, the results of these contests have definitely been disappointing.”

Speaking about the upcoming slew of races on Tuesday, Carson wrote: “It’s a big deal. 12 states will be voting and a whopping 595 delegates — nearly 25 percent of the total number — will be rewarded. They are states where I should be very competitive; states like Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.”

“Without a strong showing,” Carson said, “it’s going to be very tough for my campaign. That’s the honest truth.”

Carson shot back at those saying he needs to call it quits.

“Many in the political and media establishment are saying I have no path forward,” Carson wrote. “They’re now mocking me, calling for me to drop out, and in some cases even questioning my integrity by saying I’m only doing this for personal gain.”

“This just proves that they don’t know or understand me. Then again, they never have,” he said.

Carson added: “Running for President was never on my bucket list. After a long and arduous career I was looking forward to retirement. But we are in danger of losing our country, and I care much more deeply about the future of my children and grandchildren than my own pleasure.”

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