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For Some Odd Reason, Democrats Aren’t Excited About Grandma Or Grandpa

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Being a conservative in 2016 is even less fun than it’s been in every single previous year, but at least we’re not Democrats. Those guys are bummed!

The Republicans had record turnout last night, because everybody loves a circus. But as Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times notes:

Democrats, though, were struggling, seeing turnout drop by massive levels in all of their races Tuesday night…

…Democrats’ turnout is down 25 percent compared to their record-setting 2008 campaign, when then-candidate Barack Obama faced off against Hillary Clinton, who is trying again this year.

Weird, right? You’d think that if Democrats weren’t getting fired up for this one…

…they’d be running out to the polls for this one!

I’m not saying the Democrats made a mistake by wrapping an aura of inevitability around an old white lady who already lost once because she was a terrible candidate, and who’s only gotten worse. I’m not saying it was a mistake to put up two candidates you couldn’t distinguish from anybody else in line at Golden Corral.

But… maybe it was a mistake?

I’m appalled that a Klan-coddling liberal narcissist with ham hocks for hands could become the Republican nominee, and I will never, ever vote for him. But on the bright side, at least he’s making Hillary nervous too!