Major Union Boss Denounces Trump As ‘Bigot’


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The country’s largest federation of unions continued its relentless attack against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Thursday by calling him an anti-American bigot.

The AFL-CIO is America’s largest labor organization, with dozens of member unions representing 12 million workers. It has also been one of the more relentless labor groups to oppose Trump during the election thus far. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is now accusing the GOP candidate of taking advantage of the unrest among Americans workers.

“Donald Trump is tapping into the very real and very understandable anger of working people,” Trumka declared. “He is also a bigot. From his anti-American proposal to ban Muslims to his horrendous comments about women and immigrants, Trump is running on hate. It seems the only group he won’t criticize is the KKK.”

Trumka condemned the entire Republican field of candidates for using racist and destructive language, but praised Democratic candidates for engaging in substantive and vigorous debates. He ignored that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is facing a federal investigation and a multitude of alleged corruption charges throughout her campaign for the Democratic nomination.

“But what’s getting less attention is how Donald Trump really feels about working people,” Trumka continued. “You see, Trump says he’s with the American working class, but when you look close, it’s just hot air.”

The AFL-CIO attacks against Trump have been nonstop. It declared him its loser of the week Feb. 22 over a labor dispute his Las Vegas hotel is having, and again Feb. 29 for saying he likes right-to-work. Trumka also accused Trump of trying to divide immigrant families Jan. 4, presumably in reference to his stance against illegal immigration.

Immigration has been a defining attribute of the Trump campaign — calling for tougher immigration controls and even proposed a temporary ban on Muslims. The Muslim ban proposal came in the wake of Islamic terrorist attacks across the globe, including the simultaneous attacks across Paris in November. His policy stance has been denounced by both parties.

The AFL-CIO is not the only union to denounce Trump and his bid for the White House. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has condemned him on numerous occasions, even calling his rhetoric extremist. International Association of Machinists President Tom Buffenbarger stated Dec. 10 that his campaign is based in fear mongering and racism.

The AFL-CIO is one of the few remaining national unions to have not yet made an endorsement. It decided for a second time last month to delay endorsing anyone for president. The AFL-CIO was not the only national union to delay an endorsement.

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