Graham On Trump: ‘We Should Have Basically Kicked Him Out Of The Party’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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[crscore]Lindsey Graham[/crscore] told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday that Republicans should have kicked Donald Trump out of the party before he became the presidential front-runner.

“He took our problems in 2012 with Hispanics and made them far worse by espousing forced deportation,” he told Blitzer. “Looking back, we should have basically kicked him out of the party.”

Still, Graham failed to offer a definitive answer when Blitzer asked him how the GOP could have stopped a private citizen from running for the party’s nomination.

“Good question,” he responded. “We could all ganged up and doing what we’re doing now.”

“The more you know about Donald Trump, the less likely you are to vote for him. The more you know about his business enterprises, the less successful he looks,” the South Carolina senator continued. “We should have done this months ago.”

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